Yoga & Meditation with Surata

Yoga and Meditation with Surata

These retreats with Surata are for those who already have experience of practising and meditating within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community and regularly practise yoga.

Surata brings to his teaching 40 years’ experience of both yoga and Buddhism. His teaching combines a depth of experience with humour and playfulness which he brings to his classes. His particular mindful and gentle style of yoga is influenced by the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli, as he writes:

“Experimenting with our body from stillness in meditation, slowly at first, so as to catch the quality of our own lying, breathing and subtle moving, we will sense for habitual patterns and look for appropriate alternatives. If we can allow the breath to lead and carry us into movement, perhaps we can free and awaken the spine and thence our hearts and minds.”.

Two sessions of yoga a day alongside meditation, Buddhist devotional practice, ritual and discussion.


Long weekends

Friday pm to Monday pm

  • November 16-19 | £220/200


Long weekends

Friday pm to Monday pm

  • March 29 – April 01 | £225/205
  • September 13-16 | £225/205
Yoga with Surata

for the beginner:

See also our Yoga and Meditation for retreats where intro meditation teaching is offered with yoga instruction.

Yoga with Surata

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