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Rivendell Bookings

Tel: 01825 733 764

Office staffed:

Mondays 13:30-17:00

Thursdays 13:30- 17:00

Fridays 14:30-17:00


Rivendell Bookings, 
Rivendell Buddhist Retreat Centre, 
Chillies Lane, 
High Hurstwood, 
East Sussex, 
TN22 4AB.*

* To preserve the peaceful atmosphere of ongoing retreats we regret that we are not open to unannounced visitors.

To contact someone on retreat in the event of an emergency:

If in an emergency you need to contact someone on retreat at Rivendell please call the emergency line on 01825 731 879. The answer phone on this line is situated in the actual retreat centre and is checked regularly during the day by a member of each retreat team for the duration of the retreat. Please do not under any circumstances use this number for any other purpose than in the event of a genuine emergency.