Solitary Chalet

Periods of solitude, meditation and reflection have always been a part of the Buddhist tradition. For this purpose Rivendell has a separate chalet in its own secluded part of the grounds with its own access. The chalet provides an ideal safe environment for a first solitary retreat.

The chalet sleeps one and comes equipped with heating, a gas cooker, silent fridge, flush toilet and electric shower. There is also a shrine, with meditation mats and cushions. Twice weekly we deliver food and supplies for you to prepare. Please note: The solitary retreat chalet does not have internet access or a mobile phone signal.

Lettings run from Friday to Friday.

Cost: 225/195 per week, including basic food. 

(All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstances. If you cancel and we can't replace you, you will be required to pay half the total cost of the retreat.)

Please Note: A solitary retreat can be a strong experience, so it’s important that you have attended other Triratna Buddhist Community retreats before booking the solitary chalet. Please talk to a member of the Rivendell team before booking, if you have not already undertaken a solitary retreat.

For bookings contact:

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