Weekend Retreats

Weekend Retreats

These retreats are suitable for those who have a regular meditation practice and who regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. You will also need to be familiar with, and happy to participate in, Buddhist devotional practice and ritual (puja) and be comfortable with periods of silence.


Abiding in the Great Love - Easter Long Weekend (4 nights)

With Amalabandhu & Amoghavajri

29 March – 02 April (Long Easter bank holiday weekend) | £245/225

Through love we transcend the challenges we so often face in our daily lives. Not the clinging ‘love’ we seek to satisfy craving and insecurity, but the deep abiding love we develop through the journey of practising the Dharma. On this retreat we will be exploring the power of abiding love that we generate through the practice of forgiveness, compassion and great kindness to ourselves and others.  Using the Metta Sutta as the foundation for this Easter weekend, we will reflect on the cultivation of love in our personal spiritual growth and how through the wisdom of the ‘Great Love’ we act with an open heart to achieve a deeper, more satisfying existence in the world.

Please note: This retreat runs Thursday pm to Monday pm.

Qigong & Meditation Weekend

With Michal Balaz & nagasiddhi

April 27-29 | £185/165

Qigong, (sometimes spelt Chi Kung), is a practice to cultivate and balance Qi (Chi), or "life energy", within the body and mind. It is a holistic system of mindful coordinated body posture, movement, breathing and meditation. On this retreat we will combine the practice of Buddhist meditation with Zhang Zhuang (static standing poses) and Ba Duan Jin or Eight Brocades (silken fluid repetitive movements). The purpose of both these types of exercises is to increase internal energy circulation of Qi through the attuning of both physical exercise and awareness. Particular attention is given to deep natural breathing during the practice; this helps improve holistic health and develops mindfulness. With sessions of led Qigong practice and Buddhist meditation and ritual.

Michal is a certified Health Qigong Instructor under the British Health Qigong Organisation teaching the Ba Duan Jin Eight Brocades and the Daoyin 12 routines. He is currently working with small groups and individuals.

Writing on the Way – Writing & Walking Long Weekend

With Subhadassi

May 25–28 (Bank Holiday Weekend) | £210/190

“In the course of a walk, we usually find out something about our companion, and this is true even when we travel alone”. - Thomas A. Clark

On this retreat we will meditate, walk and write to create mindful and reflective spaces in which we can deepen our dharma practice, to ‘map realities’. Writing and walking can both help us to stand firm in what and where we currently are in our lives. At the same time, they can help us to steer towards a truer direction; to carry less baggage; to let go. We will meditate, walk, write. We will cook, eat, sleep. We will shift, grow, open. With meditation, ritual, group writing sessions and a mindful two-hour group walk each day.

Subhadassi is a retreat leader and writer with more than two decades’ experience of leading retreats, and running writing workshops. He is currently chair of Brighton Buddhist Centre. More details: subhadassi.com

New  Stories for Old Hearts - Meditation Long Weekend (3 nights)

With Paramananda & nagasiddhi

June 22-25 | £240/215

A meditation retreat with an emphasis on how the stories that we tell ourselves can both limit and enrich our lives. Through the practice of meditation we will explore the possibility of re-writing some of our internalised scripts. We will take the assumption that the body perhaps holds different histories from the ones we continually tell ourselves in our thinking. Through listening and feeling into the body we will attempt to find the stories of our hearts. With extended periods of sitting practice, silence and Buddhist ritual.

Please note: Before attending this retreat you will need to have been regularly meditating for at least two years. This retreat runs from Friday pm to Monday pm.

Drawing Attention to Life – Art & Meditation

With Khemasiddhi, Vilokini & Vandika

13-15 July | £165/145

Mindfulness wakes us up to the extraordinary richness of our experience, while drawing enables us to communicate this with spontaneity and sensitivity.  On this retreat we will weave together mindful practices and imaginative drawing exercises to discover our own unique forms of expression, with the beautiful grounds of Rivendell providing a realm in which our ‘inner artist’ can emerge.  You don’t need any background as an artist, just the willingness to be present and to experiment.

The Crucible of Meditation Weekends 2018:

Suitable for those who have been meditating regularly within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community for two years.

Spring Meditation Weekend

With Balajit & Singhasri

March 16-18 | £165/145

Mid-Winter Meditation Weekend

With Balajit & Singhasri

December 14-16 | £165/145

A regular meditation practice can bring welcome periods of peace and calm into the rigours and demands of our everyday life. Yet Buddhist meditation and practice goes beyond generating relatively peaceful intervals in our lives. On this retreat we will explore how the Dharma reveals the underlying causes of suffering and unease in our lives, seeking to bring new direction and meaning. We will be supported in this quest by meditation, workshops and ritual, as we collectively explore what is limiting us and what deep down our hearts long for.

Balajit lived and worked for many years at Vajraloka meditation centre in Wales, where he also led retreats. He now works in Birmingham as a Shen physio-emotional release therapist. Singhashri teaches Buddhist meditation on retreats and at Buddhist Centres across the UK. She also works for the Breathworks mindfulness programme. Both are dedicated to their own meditation practice and are passionate communicators of the Dharma.

The Garden at Rivendell Relaxing at Rivendell Meditation at Rivendell

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