The River Underground - Meditation Week

To attend this retreat you will need to have been regularly meditating for at least two years and regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. You must also be comfortable with extended periods of sitting meditation, Buddhist devotional practice and spending most of the retreat in silence.

"We are ruled by powers that we pretend to understand." - Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

On this retreat we will focus on meditation practice as a means to gain access to the unseen underlying currents and forces that shape our lives. Many of us can have an experience of somehow being ‘out of touch’ with our experience in all its fullness. To counter this, through deep internal listening and the activation of the imagination, we will try to engage with what which truly moves and sustains us. By learning to abide in the heart we begin to feel the ever-changing river that runs through it and mysteriously nourishes us.

Paramananda has been teaching meditation and leading retreats for over 30 years and is author of three books on meditation: Change Your Mind, A Deeper Beauty and The Body.

Nagasiddhi regularly leads and supports retreats at Rivendell and is also an artist. He is known for the sense of humour, playfulness and creativity he brings to his dharma teaching. In particular, he helps others make connections between the dharma and their own lives by using stories and images from the 'western' traditon. His own art work can be viewed at

Retreat Leaders: 
Paramananda and Nagasiddhi
Single Room Availability: 
Sorry, but the single room is not available on this retreat now
Date: Friday, March 22, 2019 to Friday, March 29, 2019

Prices for this event are: £355 - £325 (Conc)

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This event is no longer open for bookings