Awakening the Imagination

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Path of Purification (8 nights) 8th Sep - 16th Sep 2022 Atula and Nagasiddhi Spaces For Men
Exploring Myth 11th Nov - 18th Nov 2022 Atula and Nagamudra Spaces For Men
The Big Listen Long Weekend 13th May - 16th May 2022 Nagadipa and Werner Pilz Spaces
Meditating with Imagination - Jubilee Weekend (4 Nights) 1st Jun - 5th Jun 2022 Vajragupta & Team Spaces
The Dance of the Elements - Easter Long Weekend 14th Apr - 18th Apr 2022 Vajragupta and Mokshadarshini Spaces
'The Wheel of Life' - A Map of the Mind 20th May - 27th May 2022 Mandarava and Nagasiddhi Spaces
Everyday Life is the Door to Freedom 22nd Apr - 29th Apr 2022 Vajradarshini Spaces
In the Footsteps of the Buddha: Where the Buddha's Story Meets Our Own - Online Event 23rd Apr - 29th Apr 2021 Mandarava & Nagasiddhi Spaces
Throwing Out the Furniture - 12 spaces 15th Oct - 22nd Oct 2021 Vajradarshini & Vimalabandhu Retreat Full

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A Modest Awakening (Wabi Sabi Retreat Part 2) - 7 spaces only 23rd Apr - 30th Apr 2021 Vajradarshini Spaces