Essential Retreat Information: Covid-19 Protocols

We now pleased to be able to provide a ‘capped’ reopening of our retreat programme in line with UK Government Covid-19 guidelines. Coming on retreat at Rivendell is going to feel different due to the changes required.

Currently we are only able to offer retreats to those who can use public transport safely (trains & taxis) or have their own transport e.g. car or a reliable lift for both journeys from someone in their household bubble. This decision is based on our need to fully comply with the government guidelines.

If someone in your household bubble has given you a lift to Rivendell they will need to be willing to collect you for the duration of the retreat in the event you develop symptoms.

Please take time to read through and consider these notes. We will assume that you have read them and that you are still happy to come on retreat under these conditions.

Please do not travel to Rivendell for your retreat if you are feeling unwell, or suspect that you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.

We are asking all of you who are coming on retreat (including the retreat team) to take a Lateral Flow Covid Test before the retreat starts (within two days) and to send a picture of the result as soon as possible to Rivendell using this email address:

On arrival we will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer; should your temperature indicate a fever, we will not be able to allow you to attend your retreat and you will need to return home immediately.

We will ask you to sanitize your hands and wear a face mask during the welcome and reception process. You will need to regularly wash your hands with soap or sanitizer throughout the day and avoid touching your face.

You will need to wear a face mask at all times whilst indoors and bring sufficient face masks with you for the duration of the retreat. *Exceptions to this are when alone in your own room or bathroom, and when eating/ drinking in the dining room seated at your table place. The shrine room, dining room and lounge areas will have socially distanced seating either 2m or 1m + with mitigations. You will need to maintain social distancing of 2m as you move around the house.

*Other exceptions from wearing a mask at all times may include those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Everyone will have a single bedroom. You will share an allocated bathroom with one other person on a reserve and clean system. You will need to follow the cleaning protocol provided. You will not be able to keep personal items in bathrooms.

You will have an allocated table place for meals. Each meal will be plated by a server, wearing a face covering and gloves. As usual you will need to follow strict food hygiene protocols when serving meals and washing/ drying up.

Breakfast: the porridge and toast will be made and served by a server with a face covering and gloves. You will have your own margarine, peanut butter, jam and marmalade. If you want to bring your own spread please keep it on your condiments tray at your table setting.

There will be a strict protocol for making drinks which will be explained/ demonstrated to you on arrival.

The kitchen and pantry will only be accessible to the cook and servers. You will not be able to help yourself to food from the kitchen/fridges or pantry at any time. Fruit and individual portions of oatcakes/ rice cakes will be available at your place setting. If you need anything else please bring it with you and keep it in your room.

If you have a special diet for medical reasons please get in touch to discuss your needs before booking.

Rota tasks
There will be a rota with many of the usual tasks to help run the retreat smoothly together with additional hygiene requirements for all tasks. Due to the small size of the retreat its essential everyone is able to complete a wide range of the rota tasks. The cleaning role will include wiping down hand contact surfaces daily with a virucidal cleaner. Breakfast preparation and meal serving will require a brief training session.

Shrine room
The shrine room will be laid out with 10 spaces for meditation/ yoga mats. You will use the same mat, cushion, blankets etc throughout the retreat. You will need to wear a mask and socially distance as you queue and enter the shrine room. 

High Hurstwood Community
You will be staying in the village of High Hurstwood and will most likely be walking/exploring the village and surrounding countryside. Please be sensitive to our neighbours including the local school. Maintain social distancing of 2 metres in the Rivendell garden and grounds and when out and about in the village and countryside.

What if someone develops Covid-19 symptoms on retreat?
They will need to tell a member of the Rivendell team immediately, then self isolate in their room, pack up and return home as soon as possible, minimizing contact on the way. They will need to take a Covid-19 test as soon as possible and let Rivendell know the result as soon as possible.

We will follow Test and Trace procedures as necessary which may involve sharing your details with NHS Inform and as a condition prior to you coming on retreat you will be required to give us Emergency contact details.

What to bring with you:

Flask and/or Travel mug, water bottle, cafetiere/ coffee press

Your choice of extra snacks (must not require a fridge) and your choice of extra teas/ coffee

Hot water bottle

Hairdryer (if you need one)

Sufficient face masks for the duration

We ask that you do not come on retreat if you feel you will not be able to keep to the distancing and hygiene requirements – we need to try to maintain a safe environment for everyone here at Rivendell.

Please be assured that should someone repeatedly ignore our Covid-Secure guidelines, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the retreat, with no refund, as potentially they will be putting others’ health at risk.

Please note that these protocols may be subject to change at any point, so please do check our website regularly.