Essential Retreat Information: Covid-19 Protocols

Participating in a retreat in 2022
We want everyone to be safe and to enjoy their time here, so please bear in mind that you will be part of the supporting conditions for the other retreatants (as they will be for you in return). 

Although there have been a relaxing of Covid safety requirements, there is still some advice from the government that we feel helps to keep everyone confident of their safety and wellbeing while here at Rivendell.

Please do not travel to Rivendell for your retreat if you are feeling unwell, or suspect that you have recently been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.

  • We are asking all of you who are coming on retreat (including the retreat team) to take a Lateral Flow Covid Test before the retreat starts (ideally the day before travelling) and to let the Centre team know the result as soon as possible to Rivendell using this email address:
  • Please bring another Lateral Flow Covid Test with you to take a few days into the retreat (NB week-long retreats only).
  • Also please can you send the Centre team an emergency contact name & number, as part of an exit strategy should you become unwell.

Here is the current ranking of COVID symptoms after 2 vaccinations according to the ZOE COVID Study:

  1. Headache
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sneezing
  4. Sore throat
  5. Loss of smell

***If you feel unwell please do not travel to Rivendell (regardless of the Lateral Flow Covid Test result)***

On arrival

Please wear a mask when you enter the retreat centre - and continue to do so whenever you move around indoors.

During the retreat

As you will be aware, the Covid guidelines have changed. Nevertheless, in order to help other people feel more secure, we will ask you to still wear a mask when moving around the retreat centre, and only take them off once you have arrived at your destination i.e. dining room, shrine room, lounge or your bedroom. 

We will ask everyone to take a second lateral flow test whilst here on a week-long retreat (probably after the third day), after which you will be in a bubble with the other retreatants and can decide to drop the need for masks if you so wish.

NB There may be a decision to forego the use of masks once you are here, but that will depend on a consensus of all the retreat participants.

Useful things to bring

·       A water bottle for use throughout the retreat

·       A flask (optional)

·       Warm clothes (as windows and doors will be open at times for ventilation)

·       Outside clothing (inc. waterproofs and boots/wellies)

Thank you for your understanding of the need for these requirements to allow us to open. 

Kindest regards
The Centre Team --

Rivendell Buddhist Retreat Centre