Retreats for Order Members

Retreats for Order Members


Flattening all Concepts – Order Retreat

With Vessantara

June 16-23 | £340/310

Before the great Indian teacher, Atisha, went to Tibet, his teacher, Serlingpa, gave him a short teaching that he felt Atisha would need to help him teach the Dharma in ‘the barbarian borderlands’. That teaching was called ‘Flattening All Concepts’, and it is one of the most challenging pieces of Dharma you will find anywhere. Vessantara studied it during his 3-year retreat in France, and will pass it on to Order members for the first time on this retreat. The text, which forms part of the Tibetan Mind Training (Lo Jong) canon, includes radical teachings on doing away with mental proliferation (prapancha), letting go of self-clinging with all its tensions and suffering, embracing the welfare of others, and letting go into spaciousness and relaxation. These are all aspects we need in our practice here in the ‘barbarian borderlands’ of the West!

Remaining in the Clear Blue Sky of Awareness – 10-Day Order Retreat

With Prakasha

October 10-20 | £455/425

In the Tibetan tradition of the great perfection teachings there is a set of instructions for formless meditation called the Four Remainings: Remain with your body like a mountain. Remain with your heart open like a child gazing in wonder out across an ocean. Remain with your mind like a clear blue sky. Remain with your senses like a mirror. These four profound teachings, expressed in vivid images, provide simple, direct and clear instructions on how to work with our body, heart, mind and senses in the context of formless meditation and everyday life. Through applying these instructions we can discover how our awareness can become steady like a mountain, broad and deep like an ocean, vast and clear like the blue sky, and bright and reflective like a mirror. Teachings on the recognition of the qualities of the openness, clarity and sensitivity of awareness will also be introduced. The purpose of these teachings is to provide a direct introduction to intrinsic awareness so that we are able to abide and remain in the natural open state of spacious presence. The retreat will include puja and ritual together with supportive silence and meditation reviews.

Women’s Southern Region Order Weekends 2017

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Men’s Southern Region Order Weekends 2017

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